1. Medik8

    May 24, 2018 by Kendra Futcher

    Beautiful skincare that works

    Client: Medik8
    Agency: Egelnick + Associates

    Medik8 are an established cosmeceuticals brand with a strong reputation. They were keen to evolve their existing brand to reflect the high-end nature of  the products and to compete with the likes of Elemis and Dermalogica. Working in partnership with luxury brand design studio, Egelnick + Associates, my role was as communications strategist and copywriter. I designed and facilitated an initial workshop to define the brand attributes that would then inform the creative brief. I went on to develop a new tone of voice in line with the developing visual brand and to come up with a new strapline and campaign copy. The new brand launched in May 2018.



  2. Internet Society

    April 3, 2018 by Kendra Futcher

    An Internet for everyone, everywhere.

    Client: The Internet Society
    Agency: Moving Brands

    The Internet Society is a global charity working to preserve the principles the Internet was founded upon and committed to helping it evolve safely and sustainably for the benefit of everyone, everywhere. I initially worked with Moving Brands on the brand narrative and tone of voice, culminating in a day-long workshop in Washington with staff from all corners of the globe. I went on to write event copy for a major UN conference held in New York in 2017.




  3. Made.com

    February 26, 2018 by Kendra Futcher

    Straight from the makers

    Client: Made.com
    Agency: N/A

    Made.com wanted to better articulate the story of their brand, so I worked closely with their Brand Director to develop a more on-brand story that now lives on the ‘About Us’ page of their website.



  4. Happy Bird

    February 22, 2018 by Kendra Futcher

    Clucky birds

    Client: Happy Bird
    Agency: Egelnick + Associates

    Happy Bird is the antithesis to the fried chicken shops that fill our high streets. I was briefed to come up with a range of posters that played with the language of poultry and would tell the story of the birds journey, from farm to shop.




  5. 2 Meal Day

    February 20, 2018 by Kendra Futcher

    The power of fasting

    Client: Max Lowery/2 Meal Day
    Agency: Kaleidografik

    2MealDay is the brain child of personal trainer and fitness expert Max Lowery. Working with Bristol design studio, Kaleidografik I developed a tone of voice for Max’s new website that was simple, direct and informal.




  6. Double Shot Film

    by Kendra Futcher

    Bringing brands to life through film

    Client: Double Shot Film
    Agency: N/A

    Double Shot are an established film and video maker based in Bristol and London.  I was tasked with re-writing their website copy to better reflect the personality of the business whilst capturing the unique nature of their offer. Both founders were keen to use few words, but to choose the right ones that best represent who they are and what they do.



  7. Tate & Lyle

    September 14, 2017 by Kendra Futcher

    An extraordinary task

    Client: Tate & Lyle
    Agency: Futurebrand
    Creative Director: Will Bloor

    A huge project that ran for well over a year and involved reviewing, editing and condensing content from more than twenty microsites into one mothership site. Working closely with strategy and creative teams from Futurebrand, my job was to interview global staff across different business areas and write new website content in line with the brand’s new tone of voice.

    Working both remotely and in-house, I worked closely with the internal marketing team and category managers to review and redefine messaging and to ultimately, simplify a vast amount of complex information. As a huge global brand with many strings to their bow, there was a real need to say less in order to better communicate their vast and varied offer to the world.




  8. Fiasco Design

    March 30, 2017 by Kendra Futcher

    A creative review

    Client: Fiasco Design
    Agency: Fiasco Design
    Creative Director: Ben Steers

    Fiasco Design are an established Bristol design studio with an reputation for purposeful and intelligent design. They had reached a natural point in their business growth where they recognised the value in taking stock of who they are and where they’re going. After an exploratory brand workshop with the team, we worked together to create a beautifully printed brochure that would capture the true essence of the studio, and could be used to engage potential clients and employees.

    I worked closely with Ben and the team to craft words that would really capture the studio’s personality, ethos and approach.




  9. Twine

    by Kendra Futcher

    Supporting social enterprise

    Client: Power to Change
    Agency: Supple Studio
    Creative Director: Jamie Ellul

    A simple web platform and app aimed at community businesses. Twine is designed to help organisations measure their economic, social and community impact more easily and effectively. Working with Supple Studio, we worked together to name the app, devised a brand voice and went on to write and edit website copy in the voice.




  10. My Brother Bob

    September 16, 2016 by Kendra Futcher

    The Image Makers

    Client: My Brother Bob
    Agency: Bright Gray Studio
    Designer: David Gray

    Making post production an art form, My Brother Bob are leading the way across print, broadcast and digital media. I worked with the founder on establishing a tone of voice for Bob and went on to write some brief website copy. I later ran a half-day workshop with the team to inspire better writing across social media and online.