1. Tom Kirk

    September 16, 2016 by Kendra Futcher

    Sublime light

    Client: Tom Kirk
    Agency: Hyperkit
    Designer: Tim Balaam

    High-end lighting designer Tom Kirk was working with London Studio, Hyperkit on a small brochure for a key trade event in New York. Minimal in words, it needed a little fine-tuning, so that his standard biography and approach copy told more of a compelling story.



  2. Richard Parr + Associates

    August 17, 2016 by Kendra Futcher

    High-end architecture

    Client: Richard Parr + Associates
    Agency: Hyperkit
    Designer: Tim Balaam

    Richard Parr and his practise work between West London, the Cotswolds and Miami, specialising in the conservation and restoration of country homes and high-end architecture. I spent time with Richard and his team at their Cotswold’s studio, understanding the practise and how they work in order to define a clear and representative tone of voice. I went on to apply this new voice to website copy and Richard’s blog, Trove.



  3. Pioneering pharmacists

    November 24, 2015 by Kendra Futcher

    Celebrating vibrant science

    Client: Merck
    Agency: Futureband
    Designer: Richard Holt

    At almost 350 years old, Merck is the oldest family-owned pharmaceutical company in the world. Recognising the need to strategically re-define the business and to re-brand in a way that would better represent them, they appointed Futurebrand to assess, re-evaluate and create a bold new Merck.

    Working closely with Futurebrand’s UK strategy team, we developed their brand messaging, Tone of Voice and copywriting over the course of six months, a process that involved interviews with Merck’s global teams and workshops at their Darmstadt HQ.

    The Who We Are brochure was our first opportunity to bring their new Tone of Voice to life in print and showcases their brave new look and feel and approach to communications.



  4. Path Design

    June 2, 2015 by Kendra Futcher

    Creating places and spaces

    Client: Path Design
    Designer: Everyone Associates

    Path Design are a London-based design studio that bring brands to life in places and spaces for clients that include Benugo, Natural History Museum and Wagamama.



  5. BNP Paribas Sales brochure

    November 21, 2014 by Kendra Futcher

    A truly global real estate business

    Client: BNP Paribas Real Estate
    Agency: The Ideas Factory
    Designer: ChrisWigan

    BNP Paribas Real Estate is a specialised division of the financial services group BNP Paribas. The client recognised the need to revitalise what they felt was a rather dated sales brochure, so I was briefed to write new copy for the re-design. The Ideas Factory ran with the client’s existing river analogy concept that went on to inform the language and style of my writing.


  6. Aspire corporate brochure

    November 13, 2014 by Kendra Futcher

    A truly local estate agent

    Client: Aspire
    Design studio: The Ideas Factory

    South London estate agent Aspire made the decision to re-brand in order to better reflect their excellent reputation and more accurately represent their business as it is today. Working with design studio The Ideas Factory, I was commissioned to create a distinct Tone of Voice and to then apply it to various pieces of printed communication. Their ‘corporate brochure’ is in fact intended to look and feel very different to a traditional corporate brochure. What better way to highlight the strengths of an estate agent than by interviewing their happy customers… The result is an informal and intimate editorial style brochure that reveals the type of people that choose Aspire and shares their personal experiences of buying and letting properties.


  7. 67 Tufton Street

    by Kendra Futcher

    A piece of quintessential London

    Client: Wrenbridge/The Ideas Factory
    Designer: George Bradshaw
    Architect: EPR Architects

    67 Tufton Street, the former UK Cabinet Office is in the process of being refurbished into a range of stylish apartments and duplexes by developer Wrenbridge and EPR Architects. Working closely with design consultancy The Ideas Factory, I developed a Tone of Voice that would be applied to all marketing material. My brief was to ensure that the copy captured the high-end aesthetic of the development, the rich history of the area and the exceptional and prestigious location. Both the website and marketing brochure are decidedly sophisticated and luxurious in their aesthetic and employ a less is more approach in terms of copy.


  8. Heathrow Hub

    by Kendra Futcher

    The future of UK travel

    Client: Heathrow Hub
    Design Studio: Small Back Room
    Ad agency: Ogilvy UK

    Heathrow Hub is the ‘outside’ bid within the UK airport expansion competition. Shortlisted by the Airport’s Commission, it is the brain-child of long-serving Concorde pilot, Jock Lowe. After being shortlisted, Heathrow Hub needed a more considered marketing campaign and supporting communications. I worked with Small Back Room and Ogilvy UK on the overall communications strategy and brand positioning that fed through to a new website, short film, animation and a printed ‘leave behind’.

    Requirements: Tone of Voice, Animation script, Website copy, leave behind copy


  9. Woodford Funds Website

    June 4, 2014 by Kendra Futcher

    Straighttalking investment

    Client: Woodford Funds LLC
    Agency: Journey

    Woodford Funds is a business built on an exceptional reputation. Neil Woodford is one of the UK’s leading investment thought leaders and this business is his opportunity to do things his own way. I worked closely with Woodford’s team and Journey to establish a distinct tone of voice that would challenge the industry norm with a straight forward, accessible and open approach to communication.



  10. Maynard Design Website

    June 3, 2014 by Kendra Futcher

    Designing the urban realm

    Client: Maynard Design
    Designer: Helen Garley
    Creative Director: Julian Maynard

    Maynard Design are a London-based design consultancy spanning graphic and product design, with clients in the public realm and transport sectors. Over the course of 6 months I worked with Julian and his team to develop a Tone of Voice and communications strategy, an on-going project that culminated in ‘Object’ – a broadsheet publication and the studio’s new website.