1. Building magazine

    May 14, 2014 by Kendra Futcher

    Responsible Buildings

    Client: EPR Architects
    Designer: EPR

    Article copy (extract)

    A new generation of architects are working to shape our perceptions and expectations of workplace architecture, demonstrating the power of design to positively influence workplaces or broader urban environments.

    American Express Brighton and Bernard Weatherill House, Croydon are both landmark buildings by EPR Architects that have been catalysts for urban regeneration. American Express Brighton played a pivotal role in Brighton & Hove Council’s overall masterplan for a new commercial quarter in the city. Bernard Weatherill House is bringing forward the future of council buildings and forms an integral part of the CCURVE Bid, a council regeneration programme that will see £3bn of investment in the centre of London’s largest borough.



  2. Object

    February 13, 2014 by Kendra Futcher

    Design Talks

    Client: Maynard Design
    Creative Director: Julian Maynard
    Designer: Helen Garley (Maynard)

    Maynard Design are a London-based design consultancy spanning graphic and product design.

    I started working with Maynard on their Tone of Voice and communications strategy and went on to copyedit and re-write parts of their website and other communications. They were keen to produce a hard-working piece of marketing material that would accurately represent them as a business and increase their profile from a new business perspective.

    The result was Object, a broadsheet publication that will be produced bi-annually. I was copyeditor on Issue 1 shown here.


  3. Milliken

    December 13, 2013 by Kendra Futcher

    Nordic Stories

    Client: Milliken
    Agency: Design Corp

    Milliken were launching a new range of carpets, inspired by the diverse landscapes of the Nordics.
    I was briefed to write two pieces to open and close a concertina brochure that would be sent out to clients to introduce the range.
    Working closely with the designer, my job was to capture in words her creative inspiration found on recent trips to Iceland and Denmark.

    Brochure copy (extract)

    Nordic Stories is inspired by the textural landscape, geological extremes, folklore
    and modern culture of the Northern Hemisphere. Muted natural tones, black volcanic rock, deep blue lakes, rich golden moss, graphic landforms and bold architecture.

    This collection represents the sensory experience that is the Nordics, a series of diverse countries that have collectively helped to define contemporary design culture.



  4. Invesco Perpetual Website Films

    December 10, 2013 by admin

    Straight-talking scripts

    Client: Invesco Perpetual
    Agency: Browns

    Client Invesco Perpetual launched their redesigned website in August 2012. They were keen to communicate clearly and effectively to clients about the new site’s new features.

    To guide users, eight films were made to offer online guidance. I wrote the eight scripts that were conceived and produced by Browns.

    Click here to view example: